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Department of Economics

Pioneering Economics and our focus on five global challenges

We are a leading European research center and world-renowned in the fields of neuroeconomics and development economics. Known for our pioneering spirit, we are committed to a multidisciplinary approach, combining modern economics with political science, psychology, sociology, biology, history, and neuroscience. 

Finding answers is what drives us: We place five central global challenges at the center of our work, test unconventional research approaches and question habitual patterns of thinking and behavior.

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Picture: Global Challenges

Five global challenges – research areas and questions

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Reducing Poverty and Inequality

More about Reducing Poverty and Inequality

Equal opportunities and the right to a life appropriate to human beings should not only be reserved for the wealthy sections of the population.

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Achieving a Sustainable Economy

More about Achieving a Sustainable Economy

Economic behavior must become sustainable. On top of climate protection measures, adaptations to the effects of climate change are necessary.

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Managing the Digital Revolution

More about Managing the Digital Revolution

Adapt measures and regulations to achieve maximum social benefit with minimum negative impact from digitalization. 

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Developing Effective Public Policies

More about Developing Effective Public Policies

Political challenges such as ageing, increasing public debt and complex financial markets require sustainable policies.

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Overcoming the Globalization Crisis

More about Overcoming the Globalization Crisis

Overcoming the challenges of globalization requires a new way of moving goods, capital and people.

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