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Department of Economics

Overcoming the Globalization Crisis


Globalization as we know it is in a deep crisis. Problems related to the way in which we move goods, capital, and people have become so severe that something fundamental has to change. The most visible expressions of this include the trade war, the collapse of the WTO, the financial crisis, the refugee crisis, and ‘Brexit’. Underpinning this is a broader crisis of international cooperation, ranging from security matters (i.e. NATO) to environmental issues (i.e. the Paris Agreement).

Examples of Research Questions

  • What are optimal tax systems for global companies?
  • How can the concerns of globalization critics be integrated without having to forego the benefits of globalization?
  • How can environmental standards and other non-tariff barriers be integrated into international trade agreements?
  • What are trade agreements worth, and what would a full trade war cost?
  • What are the benefits and costs of strengthening Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs)?

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