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Department of Economics

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    Finding answers is what drives us: We place five central global challenges at the center of our work

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    How to best communicate in situations of conflict ? Find out more

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    Get inspired by the current issue focusing on globalization

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Pioneering Economics

We are a leading European research center and world-renowned in the fields of neuroeconomics and development economics. Known for our pioneering spirit, we are committed to a multidisciplinary approach, combining modern economics with political science, psychology, sociology, biology, history, and neuroscience. 

Finding answers is what drives us



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How telemedicine could improve healthcare

Researchers from our department examine different aspects of this extensive topic

Ralph Ossa talked to the FAZ

More about Ralph Ossa talked to the FAZ

Ralph Ossa speaks frankly about the plight of the WTO, defends globalisation and reveals why he sits at his desk in ski underwear.

Top ranking in economics

More about Top ranking in economics

According to an exclusive academic ranking, UZH is leader in economics in the German-speaking area.

The latest issue is out and all about globalization – with contributions from Florian Scheuer, Dina Pomeranz, David Dorn, and many more.

Research supported by SNSF

More about Research supported by SNSF

Three researchers from our Department have recently started their research projects, supported by SNSF fundings.

Sara Bagagli, Federica Coelli, Pierre Dubuis, Claudia Gentile, Marta Golin, Jannik Hensel, Vardges Levonyan, Claude Raisaro, Krishna Srinivasan and Miriam Venturini.

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UBS Center

Economics. For Society.

More about Economics. For Society.

Promoting cutting-edge research

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The Network for Economists

More about The Network for Economists