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Department of Economics

Course Program

During the first two years of the PhD, students attend compulsory modules in Neuroeconomics, Experimental and Behavioral Economics where they become familiar with conceptual principles and current research topics and methodologies. In addition to the compulsory modules, the core elective courses should be taken during the first two terms of study. By the end of the second year, students should have a clear design for their own research project proposal. This proposal is expected to serve as a basis for the original research that will become the PhD thesis.

A wide range of elective courses on research methods and seminars complete the training and can be taken at any time that is convenient during the PhD studies. Finally, weekly research seminars with guest speakers and lectures at other departments of the University of Zurich supplement the course offerings.

Compulsory modules

Cognitive Neuroscience

Decision Neuroscience

Decision Theory

Neuroeconomic Foundations of Decision Making

Principles of Neuroeconomics

Example core elective modules

Seminar in Behavioral Economic Theory
Non-Invasive brain stimulation for neuroeconomics
Bayesian Data Analysis and Models of Behavior
Methods & Models for fMRI Data Analysis (external course)
Computational Psychiatry
Scientific programming for neuroeconomic experiments
Topics in Experimental and Behavioral Economics


For a complete list of all courses offered at the Marlene Porsche GSN, please go the university's course catalogue: UZH course catalogue

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Doctoral-level neuroeconomics courses offered by the Department of Economics: