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Welcome to the Marlene Porsche Graduate School of Neuroeconomics, the doctoral (Phd) program in neuroeconomics at the Department of Economics at University of Zurich. This interdisciplinary degree program was initially launched in 2010. Thanks to the contribution of the Marlene Porsche Foundation in 2017, the program was expanded in order to offer its unique training and research opportunities in the cutting-edge field of Neuroeconomics to more students.

About the Program

The Doctoral Program in Neuroeconomics at the University of Zurich has a strong scientific focus. The core faculty for this program (Carlos Alós-Ferrer, Ernst Fehr, Todd Hare, Christian Ruff, and Philippe Tobler) have expertise in the fields of biology, computational modeling, economics, neuroscience, mathematics, and psychology, making this a truly interdisciplinary degree program. In addition, students in the program have full access to the state-of-the-art equipment and facilities hosted in the Laboratory for Social and Neural Systems Research for conducting their research projects.

We offer a set of courses taught (in English) by internationally renowned scholars and world-class research opportunities. In the first year, students attend compulsory modules in Neuroeconomics as well as Experimental and Behavioral Economics where they become familiar with conceptual principles and state-of-the-art research methods. In the second year, students chose from a range of additional elective courses and seminars, while also continuing to refine their own research plans. These research plans are presented in the form of a written research proposal at the end of the second year.

An important feature of the Doctoral Program in Neuroeconomics is the close collaboration between graduate students and faculty advisors. The program has a strong scientific research focus, with the goal of enabling students to become independent researchers of the highest caliber. Selected examples of published work from students in the program can be found here.

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