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Simon Alder Chinese Roads in India: The Effect of Transport Infrastructure on Economic Development (PDF, 2.01 MB)
Amandine Aubry The Welfare Impact of Global Migration in the OECD Countries (PDF, 604 KB)
Sarra Ben Yahmed Gender Wage Gaps across Skills and Trade Openness (PDF, 630 KB)
Sotiris Blanas Offshoring, technological change and the age-skill composition of labour demand (PDF, 241 KB)
Irene Fensore Inequality and Parallel Imports in International Trade (PDF, 799 KB)
Bo Gao Multi-product Firms, Export-only Products and Extensive Margin of Export (PDF, 490 KB)
Sarah Hanslin A Dynamic North-South Model of Demand-Induced Product Cycles (PDF, 1.32 MB)
Andreas Kettemann Unemployment Insurance Takeup and the Business Cycle (PDF, 274 KB)
Michael Koch Skills, Tasks and the Scarcity of Talent in a Global Economy (PDF, 299 KB)
Krisztina Kis-Katos Poverty, Labour Markets and Trade Liberalization in Indonesia (PDF, 1.06 MB)
Andrea Lassmann The Causal Impact of Common Native Language on International Trade: Evidence from a Spatial Regression Discontinuity Design (PDF, 5.79 MB)
Povilas Lastauskas European Labour Markets in Open Economy: Between Proteus and Cyclops (PDF, 244 KB)
Isabel Martinez Cantonal Differences in Health Care Premium Subsidies in Switzerland (PDF, 5.97 MB)
Maryam Naghsh Nejad The Role of Trade Openness for Labor Share of Income During Currency Crises (PDF, 772 KB)
Sergey Nigai On Measuring the Welfare Gains from Trade under Consumer Heterogeneity (PDF, 366 KB)
Gianluca Orefice Tariff reductions, trade patterns and the wage gap in a monopolistic competition model with vertical linkages (PDF, 245 KB)
Sebastian Otten Language and Cultural Barriers in International Factor Movements (PDF, 640 KB)
Janneke Pieters The gendered labor market impacts of trade liberalization: evidence from Brazil (PDF, 270 KB)
Tobias Renkin Counter-Cyclical Markups at the Product Level: Evidence from Supermarket Scanner Data (PDF, 265 KB)
Benedikt Rydzek Trade effects of income inequality within and between countries (PDF, 591 KB)
Amrita Saha Lobbying for Trade Protection: An Empirical Investigation of Indian Manufacturing (PDF, 365 KB)
Lukas Schmid Language and Employment (PDF, 263 KB)
Fabian Schnell What determines price changes and the distribution of prices? Evidence from the Swiss CPI. (PDF, 463 KB)
Shruti Sharma Imported Intermediate Inputs and Workforce Composition: Evidence from India's Tariff Liberalization (PDF, 263 KB)
Walter Steingress Entry barriers to international trade: product versus firm fixed costs (PDF, 367 KB)
David Tsirekidze Trade Restrictions and Labor Productivity: Evidence from the Georgian Wine Industry (PDF, 753 KB)

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