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Department of Economics


List of Publications

"The Limits to Moral Erosion in Markets: Social Norms and the Replacement Excuse," Games and Economic Behavior, 2023, Vol. 138: 143-60, with Yagiz Özdemir
"Does Market Interaction Erode Moral Values?" Review of Economics and Statistics, 2023, Vol. 105(1): 226-35, with Ernst Fehr and Yagiz Özdemir
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"Competitive Pricing Reduces Wasteful Counterproductive Behaviors," Journal of Public Economics, 2017, Vol. 156: 34-47, with Manuel Grieder and Christian Zehnder
"Does the Absence of Human Sellers Bias Bidding Behavior in Auction Experiments?," Journal of the Economic Science Association, 2017, Vol. 3(1): 44-61, with Tobias Gesche and Nick Netzer
"An Externality Robust Auction: Theory and Experimental Evidence," Games and Economic Behavior, 2016, Vol. 97: 186-204, with Nick Netzer
"Do Markets Erode Social Responsibility?" Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2015, Vol. 130(1): 219-66, with Roberto Weber and Lan Yao
"Expectations as Reference Points: Field Evidence from Professional Soccer," Management Science, 2015, Vol. 61(11): 246-61, with Leif Brandes and Daniel Schunk
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"Pivotality and Responsibility Attribution in Sequential Voting," Journal of Public Economics, 2015, Vol. 128: 133-39, with Urs Fischbacher and Simeon Schudy
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"Game Form Misconceptions are Not Necessary for a Willingness-to-Pay vs. Willingness-to-Accept Gap,” Journal of the Economic Science Association, 2015, Vol. 1: 72-85, with Florian Engl and Roberto Weber
"The Intrinsic Value of Decision Rights," Econometrica, 2014, Vol. 82(6): 2005-39, with Ernst Fehr and Holger Herz
"Does Willful Ignorance Deflect Punishment? – An Experimental Study," European Economic Review, 2014, Vol. 70: 512-524, with Florian Engl and Roberto Weber
"Use and Abuse of Authority: A Behavioral Foundation of the Employment Relation," Journal of the European Economic Association, 2013, Vol. 11(4): 711-742, with Ernst Fehr and Klaus Schmidt
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"Shifting the Blame: On Delegation and Responsibility," Review of Economic Studies, 2012, Vol. 79(1): 67-87, with Urs Fischbacher
“Health Effects on Children’s Willingness to Compete,” Experimental Economics, 2012, Vol. 15(1): 58-70, with Ernst Fehr and Daniel Schunk
“Multi-Tasking and Inequity Aversion in the Linear-Exponential-Normal Moral Hazard Model,” Economics Letters, 2012, Vol. 116(3): 523-25
“Endogenous Social Comparisons and the Internal Organization of Firms,” Managerial and Decision Economics, 2012, Vol. 33(1): 11-17
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“How Syndicate Short Sales Affect the Informational Efficiency of IPO Prices and Underpricing,” Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 2010, Vol. 45(2): 441-71, with Andreas Park
“What Determines the Level of IPO Gross Spreads? Underwriter Profits and the Cost of Going Public,” International Review of Economics and Finance, 2009, Vol. 18(1): 81-109, with Andreas Park
“Egalitarianism and Competitiveness,” American Economic Review (Papers & Proceedings), 2009, Vol. 99(2): 93-98, with Ernst Fehr, Michel Maréchal, and Daniel Schunk