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Department of Economics

Björn Bartling

Working Papers

"Public Discourse and Socially Responsible Market Behavior," July 2023, with Vanessa Valero, Roberto Weber and Yan Lao, conditionally accepted at: American Economic Review
"Free to Fail? Paternalistic Preferences in the United States," May 2023, with Alexander W. Cappelen, Henning Hermes,  Marit Skivenes and Bertil Tungodden
"The Complementarity Between Trust and Contract Enforcement," October 2022, with Ernst Fehr, David Huffman and Nick Netzer, revise and resubmit at: Economic Journal
"The Causal Effect of Income Growth on Market Social Responsibility," September 2022, with Vanessa Valero and Roberto Weber, revise and resubmit at: Economic Journal
"Fairness in Winner-Take-All Markets," Mai 2018, with Alexander Cappelen, Mathias Ekström, Erik Sørensen and Bertil Tungodden

Work in progress

"Paternalistic Preferences Accross the World," with Alexander Cappelen, Henning Hermes, Akshai Moorthy, Marit Skivenes and Bertil Tungodden
"Paternalism: Determinants of Demand and Supply," with Krishna Srinivasan
"Are Advisers Paternalistic? The Case of Financial Planners," with Sandro Ambühl, Gonzalo Arrieta and Doug Bernheim
"The Talent Paradox: Why is it fair to reward talent but not luck?," with Alexander Cappelen, Ingvild Skarpeid, Erik Sørensen and Bertil Tungodden

Selected Publications

"The Limits to Moral Erosion in Markets: Social Norms and the Replacement Excuse" Games and Economic Behavior, 2023, Vol. 138: 143-60, with Yagiz Özdemir
"Does Market Interaction Erode Moral Values?" Review of Economics and Statistics, 2023, Vol. 105(1): 226-35, with Ernst Fehr and Yagiz Özdemir
"An Externality Robust Auction: Theory and Experimental Evidence," Games and Economic Behavior, 2016, Vol. 97: 186-204, with Nick Netzer
"Do Markets Erode Social Responsibility?," Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2015, Vol. 130(1): 219-66, with Roberto Weber and Lan Yao
"Expectations as Reference Points: Field Evidence from Professional Soccer," Management Science, 2015, Vol. 61(11): 246-61, with Leif Brandes and Daniel Schunk
"Reference Points, Social Norms, and Fairness in Contract Renegotiations," Journal of the European Economic Association, 2015, Vol. 13(1): 98-129, with Klaus Schmidt
"The Intrinsic Value of Decision Rights," Econometrica, 2014, Vol. 82(6): 2005-39, with Ernst Fehr and Holger Herz
"Use and Abuse of Authority: A Behavioral Foundation of the Employment Relation," Journal of the European Economic Association, 2013, Vol. 11(4): 711-742, with Ernst Fehr and Klaus Schmidt
"Screening, Competition, and Job Design: Economic Origins of Good Jobs," American Economic Review, 2012, Vol. 102(2): 834-864, with Ernst Fehr and Klaus Schmidt
"Shifting the Blame: On Delegation and Responsibility," Review of Economic Studies, 2012, Vol. 79(1): 67-87, with Urs Fischbacher


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