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Department of Economics

New endowed professorship in Sustainable Economics in partnership with Vontobel Foundation

Effectively combating climate change requires fundamental changes in economy and society. How can we achieve sustainable management of our resources while minimising the loss of prosperity? Which countries, industries and companies will be the winners and which the losers of climate change? How can we achieve international cooperation in environmental policy ? Researchers at the Department of Economics are investigating these and similar questions within the framework of the research focus "Achieving a Sustainable Economy".

The creation of a professorship for Sustainable Economics at the Department of Economics, endowed by the Vontobel Foundation, is a further milestone. Representatives of the Vontobel Foundation, the University of Zurich and the UZH Foundation and Excellence Foundation jointly celebrated this partnership on 6 February 2023. The process to fill the professorship will be initiated in the next few weeks.

The Department thanks the Vontobel Foundation for supporting its teaching and research activities.

Photo: back from left: Dominik Heitzmann (UZH Foundation), Annelise Alig Anderhalden (UZH Foundation), Katrin Polzer (Excellence Foundation), Christian Schwarzenegger (UZH), Marlies Heerdegen Lauterburg (Vontobel Foundation), Florian Scheuer (Department of Economics), Harald Gall (UZH), front from left: Maja Baumann-Brunner (Vontobel Foundation), Hans-Dieter Vontobel (Vontobel Foundation), Michael Schaepman (UZH), Peter Maurer (Vontobel Foundation)