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Department of Economics

Exploring Economics Beyond the Classroom

What happens when economics transcends the confines of textbooks and lecture halls, venturing into the dynamic realm of real-world events and decisions? This questions was addressed on April 9, 2024, during the ECONnect Event titled "Economics Beyond the Classroom".

Ralph Ossa, Chief Economist at the WTO and Professor of Economics at UZH, Rikke Riber Rasmussen, Principal Economist at Google Switzerland, and Gregory Crawford, Chief Economist at Zalando and Professor of Economics at UZH, spoke about the reality of working for big name companies and their ideas on the multifaceted nature of economics beyond the confines of academia. This captivating event aimed to hear different opinions on bridging the gap between theoretical economic concepts and real-world applications, offering attendees invaluable insights into the practical dimensions of economics.

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