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Department of Economics

MA - Master in Economics

Important Information
All information regarding the registration for the Master's program in Economics can be found on the website of the Dean's Office.


A Master in Economics gives you the tools to better understand how markets and more generally societies function. Economics analyzes social problems by modelling and measuring the behavior of humans or human organizations such as firms. Economics can address questions as diverse as: Why has poverty decreased in the world? How can we achieve sustainable growth? How should we allocate children to schools? Why are house prices much higher in some cities than others? Or how much discrimination is there in society?

The department of Economics at UZH is worldwide famous, consistently ranked among the very best in Europe and the best of the German-speaking world. Studying economics at UZH means studying with professors who are pushing the research frontier

At Master’s level, you will take an in-depth look at political and economic questions. Our internationally renowned scientists offer courses that provide insight into current research. Moreover, you have the opportunity to set a focus on subjects such as behavioral or development economics during the course of your studies.

Good knowledge of English is required for the Master’s program as the majority of courses are taught in English.

MIE Flyer

You can find all information about the Master's program in Economics in our flyer (PDF, 1 MB).


Current Courses of the Department of Economics

You want to get an impression of the kind of lectures we offer? Here  you will find a list of all courses at the Department of Economics (all levels).

Writing your Bachelor/Master thesis at the Department of Economics

More information on writing your BA/MA thesis with one of our professors (and a template for the coverpage and declaration of independence) can be found here. (PDF, 338 KB)

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MA admission info

Individual Learning Unit

Would you like to gain hands-on research experience and receive ECTS credits for it? This is possible with a individual learning unit.

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... you can get credits for ETH modules?