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A word from the Placement officer

You are coming up to the end of your PhD. Congratulations!

Graduates of the Zurich Graduate School of Economics are well equipped to take up a successful career as an economist within academia, or chose a professional path in the private sector, international organizations or the government. The feedback we receive from the job market and the placements our alumni achieve confirm that our curriculum offers an excellent starting point for further careers.

If you decide that research and academia is for you, you will be excellently qualified in economic theory and have a full toolbox of models, approaches and cutting edge knowledge within your area of specialization. You will have worked in interdisciplinary teams and collaborated closely with leading experts from the field, experienced presenting your work under the scrutineering eyes of your peers are thus understand the value of feedback for furthering your work. The research seminars held at the department with invited speakers have set you up with a solid international academic network for future collaborations and exciting opportunities. You are entering the job market well prepared. Your advisors and the Department of Economics will support you during this transition into your first academic position.

Graduates wishing to pursue a professional career outside academia bring the same expertise and tools to the table and can contribute to solving the economic challenges of our time within their chosen area. Economists are highly sought-after employees in the public sector, banking and financial institutions and increasingly in NGOs and international organizations. The approaches and skills you acquire during your time in Zurich can be applied in a variety of fields and are a solid basis for an interesting,  inspiring and satisfying career. The Department of Economics is well connected with the public and private sector and supports you when it comes to reaching out to interesting organizations and introducing you to the right people. Do not hesitate to make use of these possibilities.

Joachim Voth

Placement Officer

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