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Department of Economics

Marius Moisa

As SNS Lab Manager, Marius Moisa is the primary contact person for internal and external users who are starting new experiments at the SNS Lab. He is also the primary contact person for any entity from UZH, USZ, media, and any external questions regarding the SNS Lab.
As head of brain stimulation, EEG and pharmacology, Marius Moisa is responsible for the management and further development of new brain stimulation and EEG setups. He ensures compliance with all safety regulations, and he is responsible for all legal aspects of brain stimulation, EEG and pharmacology studies in the lab. He also provides technical supervision of and support for research projects.
In addition, he is responsible for developing and optimizing hard- and software solutions for concurrent brain stimulation (e.g. TMS, tES) and neuroimaging (e.g. fMRI) as well as assessing and mitigating the effects of these techniques on MR image quality.