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Department of Economics

Marcus Grüschow

Selected Publications

Grueschow M, Polania R, Hare TA, Ruff CC: Automatic versus Choice-Dependent Value Representations in the Human Brain. Neuron (2015) 85(4):874-885. DOI
Polania R, Moisa M, Opitz A, Grueschow M, Ruff CC. (2015)
The precision of value-based choices depends causally on fronto-parietal phase-coupling.
Nature Communications, In Press
Polania R, Krajbich I, Grueschow M, Ruff CC: Neural Oscillations and Synchronization Differentially Support Evidence Accumulation in Perceptual and Value-Based Decision Making. Neuron (2014) 82(3):709-720. DOI
Rieger JW, Gegenfurtner KR, Schalk F, Koechy N, Heinze HJ, Grueschow M: BOLD responses in human V1 to local structure in natural scenes: Implications for theories of visual coding. J Vision (2013) 13(2). DOI
Kahnt T, Grueschow M, Speck O, Haynes JD: Perceptual Learning and Decision-Making in Human Medial Frontal Cortex. Neuron (2011) 70(3):549-559. (shared first author) DOI
Howard JD, Plailly J, Grueschow M, Haynes JD, Gottfried JA: Odor quality coding and categorization in human posterior piriform cortex. Nat Neurosci (2009) 12(7):932-U158. DOI

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