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Department of Economics


Recent Working Papers

Risk Perception, (PDF, 458 KB)
with A. Robson, J. Steiner and P. Kocourek, 2024.

The Swaps Index for Consumer Choice, (PDF, 366 KB)
with M. Lu, revised 2023.

The Complementarity Between Trust and Contract Enforcement, (PDF, 811 KB)
with B. Bartling, E. Fehr and D. Huffman, 2021.

Intentions and Ex-Post Implementation, (PDF, 172 KB)
with A. Volk, 2014.

Journal Publications

Neural Reward Representations Enable Utilitarian Welfare Maximization,
A. Soutschek, C.J. Burke, P. Kang, N. Wieland, N. Netzer and P.N. Tobler,
Journal of Neuroscience, 2024, forthcoming.

Happy Times: Measuring Happiness Using Response Times,
with S. Liu,
American Economic Review, 2023, 113, 3289-3322.

Optimal Contest Design: Tuning the Heat,
with I. Letina and S. Liu,
Journal of Economic Theory, 2023, 213, 105616.

Second-best Probability Weighting,
with F. Herold,
Games and Economic Behavior, 2023, 138, 112-125.

Time Will Tell: Recovering Preferences when Choices Are Noisy,
with C. Alós-Ferrer and E. Fehr,
Journal of Political Economy, 2021, 129, 1828-1877.

Delegating Performance Evaluation,
with I. Letina and S. Liu,
Theoretical Economics, 2020, 15, 477-509.

Informational Requirements of Nudging,
with J-M. Benkert,
Journal of Political Economy, 2018, 126, 2323-2355.

Does the Absence of Human Sellers Bias Bidding Behavior in Auction Experiments?,
with B. Bartling and T. Gesche,
Journal of the Economic Science Association, 2017, 3, 44-61.

On the Convergence of Logit-Response to (Strict) Nash Equilibria,
with C. Alós-Ferrer,
Economic Theory Bulletin, 2017, 5, 1-8.

An Externality-Robust Auction: Theory and Experimental Evidence,
with B. Bartling,
Games and Economic Behavior, 2016, 97, 186-204.

Mechanism Design and Intentions,
with F. Bierbrauer,
Journal of Economic Theory, 2016, 163, 557-603.

Robust Stochastic Stability,
with C. Alós-Ferrer,
Economic Theory, 2015, 58, 31-57.

Explaining Gift-Exchange - The Limits of Good Intentions,
with A. Schmutzler,
Journal of the European Economic Association, 2014, 12, 1586-1616.

A Game Theoretic Foundation of Competitive Equilibria with Adverse Selection,
with F. Scheuer,
International Economic Review, 2014, 55, 399-422.

Competitive Markets Without Commitment,
with F. Scheuer,
Journal of Political Economy, 2010, 118, 1079-1109.

Competitive Screening in Insurance Markets With Endogenous Wealth Heterogeneity,
with F. Scheuer,
Economic Theory, 2010, 44, 187-211.

The Logit-Response Dynamics,
with C. Alós-Ferrer,
Games and Economic Behavior, 2010, 68, 413-427. 

Evolution of Time Preferences and Attitudes Toward Risk,
American Economic Review, 2009, 99, 937-955.

Taxation, Insurance and Precautionary Labor,
with F. Scheuer,
Journal of Public Economics, 2007, 91, 1519-1531.