Recent Working Papers

Journal Publications

Time Will Tell: Recovering Preferences when Choices Are Noisy, with C. Alós-Ferrer and E. Fehr,
Journal of Political Economy, 2021, 129, 1828-1877.

Delegating Performance Evaluation, with I. Letina and S. Liu,
Theoretical Economics, 2020, 15, 477-509.

Informational Requirements of Nudging, with J-M. Benkert,
Journal of Political Economy, 2018, 126, 2323-2355.

Does the Absence of Human Sellers Bias Bidding Behavior in Auction Experiments?, with B. Bartling and T. Gesche,
Journal of the Economic Science Association, 2017, 3, 44-61.

On the Convergence of Logit-Response to (Strict) Nash Equilibria, with C. Alós-Ferrer,
Economic Theory Bulletin, 2017, 5, 1-8.

An Externality-Robust Auction: Theory and Experimental Evidence, with B. Bartling,
Games and Economic Behavior, 2016, 97, 186-204.

Mechanism Design and Intentions, with F. Bierbrauer,
Journal of Economic Theory, 2016, 163, 557-603.

Robust Stochastic Stability, with C. Alós-Ferrer,
Economic Theory, 2015, 58, 31-57.

Explaining Gift-Exchange - The Limits of Good Intentions, with A. Schmutzler,
Journal of the European Economic Association, 2014, 12, 1586-1616.

A Game Theoretic Foundation of Competitive Equilibria with Adverse Selection, with F. Scheuer,
International Economic Review, 2014, 55, 399-422.

Competitive Markets Without Commitment, with F. Scheuer,
Journal of Political Economy, 2010, 118, 1079-1109.

Competitive Screening in Insurance Markets With Endogenous Wealth Heterogeneity, with F. Scheuer,
Economic Theory, 2010, 44, 187-211.

The Logit-Response Dynamics, with C. Alós-Ferrer,
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Taxation, Insurance and Precautionary Labor, with F. Scheuer,
Journal of Public Economics, 2007, 91, 1519-1531.