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Department of Economics



Is Parental Leave Costly for Firms and Coworkers? (PDF, 4 MB) with Serena Canaan, Nikolaj Harmon, and Heather Royer, Journal of Labor Economics (forthcoming)

Parenting Values Moderate the Intergenerational Transmission of Time Preferences, (PDF, 468 KB) with Thomas Epper, European Economic Review (2022)

No Evidence that Siblings’ Gender Affects Personality across Nine Countries with Thomas Dudek, Jan Feld and Julia M. Rohrer, Psychological Science (2022)

Continuous Gender Identity and Economics (PDF, 482 KB) with Lea Heursen, Eva Ranehill and Roberto A. Weber, AEA Papers and Proceedings (2022)

Brothers Increase Women's Gender Conformity (PDF, 775 KB), Journal of Population Economics (2021)

Exposure to More Female Peers Widens the Gender Gap in STEM Participation (PDF, 1 MB)with Ulf Zölitz, Journal of Labor Economics (2018)

Gender Gaps in the Effects of Childhood Family Environment: Do They Persist into Adulthood? with Shelly Lundberg, European Economic Review (2018)

Birth Order and Health of Newborns: What Can We Learn from Danish Registry Data? with Ramona Molitor, Journal of Population Economics (2018)