Suzann-Viola Renninger

Affiliated member of the Center for Ethics

Affiliated member of Institute of Laboratory Animal Science

Office hours
Fridays from 12:30 to 14:30 p.m. (registration is required).
Additional appointments on request.


Fall Term 2021
Lecture: History of Economic Thought & Philosophy of Economics (BOEC0436), together with Ulrich Woitek.
Seminar: Philosophy of Economics (BOEC0358)

Spring Term 2021
Seminar: Revolutions in economics? (BOEC0430), together with U. Woitek
Seminar: Biology and Philosophy. Joint Action (BIO391), together with H.-J. Glock, E. Kubli, C. van Schaik & J. Burkhard

Fall Term 2020
Seminar: Philosophy of Economics (BOEC0358)

Spring Term 2020
Seminar: The acceptance speeches of the Nobel Laureates in Economics: The History of Ideas in Economic Sciences (BOEC0412)

Fall Term 2019
Seminar: Philosophy of Economics (BOEC0358)
Lecture: Pluralism in Economics (BOEC0395), together with U. Woitek
Seminar: Philosophy of Biology (BIO399), together with C. van Schaik

Spring Term 2019
No teaching; I am on sabbatical leave at Columbia University, New York City

Fall Term 2018
Seminar: Philosophy of Economics (BOEC0358)

Spring Term 2018

Seminar: Economic Incentives and Morality – Discourse of Implementation in Ethics of Economics (MOEC0499, January 31 to February 16)
Seminar: Biologie und Philosophie: Evolution und Funktion der Normativität (BIO391)
Lecture: Philosophy of Biology (BIO124)


Teaching since 2011 (PDF, 140 KB)