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Department of Economics

Research Slam 2022

RESEARCH SLAM #4: The Economics of Inequality

Reducing poverty and inequality is one of the five global challenges that the researchers at the Department of Economics want to help solve. They presented their own research and work that inspired them in short talks at the fourth Research Slam.

Professor Ernst Fehr

Professor of Economics, UZH

Professor Jakub Steiner

Associate Professor for Microeconomic Theory, UZH

Professor Rohini Pande

Henry J. Heinz II Professor of Economics, Yale University

Professor Guilherme Lichand

Assistant Professor for Child Well-Being and Development, UZH

Elie Gerschel

PhD student in Economics, UZH

Andrés Dávila Ospina

Predoctoal Fellow in Economics, UZH

Garyn Tan

PhD student in Economics, UZH

Professor David Hémous

UBS Foundation Associate Professor of Economics of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, UZH