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English Department The Liberian Literature Project

The Works of Kona Khasu (*1942)

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General Information

This online platform aims to make the works of Kona Khasu (*1942) – one of Liberia's foremost poets, dramatists, and critics – more widely available.

List of Works Available Online

In particular, the project intends:

• to contribute to the urgent task of salvaging Liberia's cultural heritage in the aftermath of two civil wars (1989-2003);

• to provide low-income readers – in Liberia and elsewhere – with free online access to carefully edited texts;

• to help foster scholarly interest in Khasu's work, and in Anglophone Liberian literature more generally.

Project Editor: Martin Mühlheim

UZH English Department, Plattenstrasse 47, CH-8032 Zürich, Switzerland

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