Recent PhD placements

We congratulate our graduate students on their excellent placements.


Maria Alsina Pujols 

Post-Doc, ETH Zurich

Sara Bagagli 

Post-Doc, Harvard University

Luca Bagnato 

Post-Doc, UCLA Anderson School of Management

Jacob Miller

Quant/Data Scientist UBS

Veda Narasimhan 

NYU Abu Dhabi, Assistant Professor

Ursina Schaede 

MIT Post-Doc; then Assistant Professor Tufts University

Sili Zhang 

Ludwig Maximilian University Munich, Assistant Professor



Emanuele Dicarlo

Research Interests: Labor Economics, Applied Microeconomics

First Placement: Bank of Italy, Research Expert

Elisa Macchi

Research Interests: Development and Experimental Economics

First Placement: MIT, Post-Doc then Assistant Professor Brown

Xiaoyue Shan

Research Interests: Labor Economics, Behavioral Economics, Applied Microeconomics

First Placement: Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, Post-Doc

Dora Simon

Research Interests: International Trade, Environmental Economics

First Placement: University of Stavanger, Assistant Professor

Michael Stiefel

First Placement: d-fine, Consultant

Kremena Valkanova

Research Interests: Microeconomic Theory, Decision Theory, Behavioral Economics, Game Theory

First Placement: D-MTEC, ETH, Post-Doc



Julia Grünseis

First Placement: Deloitte, Human Capital-Consultant

Andreas Haller

Research Interests: Labor Economics, Public Economics, Applied Microeconomics, Health Economics

First Placement: NHH Bergen, Assistant Professor

Florian Schneider

Research Interests: Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics, Organizational Economics, Labor Economics, Microeconomics

First Placement: University of Zurich, Post-Doc

Aleksei Smirnov

Research Interests: Applied Microeconomic Theory, Dynamic Games of Information Transmission, Learning and Reputation Building

First Placement: Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Assistant Professor

Vladimir Sulaja

First Placement: BIT Capital, Quantitative Analyst

Juliette Thibaud

Research Interests: Development Economics, Economics of Education

First Placement: Boston Analysis Group, Associate

Max Winkler

Research Interests: Labor Economics, Political Economy

First Placement: Harvard, Post-Doc

Christian Zünd

Research Interests: Applied Microeconomics, Behavioral Economics, Behavioral Genetics, Field Experiments

First Placement: Marshall Wace, Quantitative Researcher



Caroline Chuard

First Placement: AXA, Business Analyst Ecosystem Life & Health

Lachlan Deer

Research Interests: Quantitative Marketing, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Applied Econometrics, Text as Data, Media & Entertainment Industries

First Placement: Chicago Booth, Post-Doc

Sebastian Dörr

Research Interests: Finance, Macroeconomics

First Placement: Bank for International Settlements (BIS), Economist

Giacomin Favre

First Placement: Swiss Re, Graduate Economic Valuation Analyst

Arber Fazlija

First Placement: UBS, Risk Modeling and Analytics Specialist

Yi-Shan Lee

Research Interests: Experimental and Behavioral Economics, Decision Sciences, Information Economics, Microeconomics

Finance, Macroeconomics

First Placement: Chinese University of Hong Kong, Assistant Professor

Shuo Liu

Research Interests: Microeconomic Theory

First Placement: Peking University, Guanghua School of Management, Assistant Professor

Harald Mayr

First Placement: ETH Zurich, Senior Researcher

Lilia Ruslanova

Research Interests: International Macroeconomics and Finance, Monetary Economics, Banking Regulation, Housing Markets, Economic Development, Economic Growth

First Placement: University of Zurich, Post-Doc

Tong Zhang

Research Interests: Macrofinance, Financial Economics

First Placement: BI Norwegian Business School, Assistant Professor



Stefan Bruder

Research Interests: Time Series Econometrics, Bootstrap Methods, Forecasting, Multiple Testing, Financial Econometrics

First Placement: Credit Suisse: Quantitative Risk Modeler

Lea-Kathrin Heursen

Research Interests: Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics and Organizational Economics

First Placement: Humboldt University of Berlin: PostDoc

Guangyu Pei

Research Interests: Primary: Macroeconomics. Business Cycles. Information Economics, Coordination Games with Incomplete Information

First Placement: The Chinese University of Hong Kong: Assistant Professor (tenure track)

Tobias Renkin

Research Interests: 

First Placement: Danmarks Nationalbank: Researcher

Daphné Skandalis

Research Interests: Labor Economics, Applied Econometrics

First Placement: Federal Reserve Bank of New York: Researcher



Andreas Kettemann

Research Interests: Job Search and Matching Theory, Applied Microeconometrics

First Placement: Credit Suisse: UBS: Quantitative Risk Analyst

Liu Liu

Research Interests: Primary: Economic Growth and Development, (Quantitative) Macroeconomics, Political Economy, Dynamic Games, Cultural Economics, Chinese Economy

First Placement: WZB Berlin Social Science Center: Post-Doctoral Fellow

Chloé Michel

Research Interests: Health Economics, Consumer Behavior, Empirical Industrial Organization

First Placement: Swiss Re: Behavioral Research Analyst

Current Placement: Credit Suisse: Assistant Vice President, Analytics and Data Science

Florian Schaffner

Research Interests: Applied Econometrics, Microeconomics, Internet Economics

First Placement: Credit Suisse: Assistant Vice President, Analytics and Data Science



Tobias Gesche

Research Interests: Applied Microeconomics and Behavioral Economics

First Placement: ETH Zurich, Center for Law & Economics: Post-Doctoral Researcher

Steve Heinke

Research Interests: 

First Placement: University of Basel: Post-Doctoral Fellow

Current Placement: University of Basel: Assistent/Postdoc Economic Psychology

Kunz Johannes

Research Interests: Econometrics, Applied Microeconomics, Labour, Health, Education

First Placement: Monash University: Research Fellow

Igor Letina

Research Interests: Applied Microeconomic Theory

First Placement: University of Bern: Assistant Professor

Current Placement: University of Bern: Assistant Professor Microecnomics

Yagiz Özdemir

Research Interests: 

First Placement: McKinsey & Company: Consultant

Andràs Péchy

Research Interests: 

First Placement: Accenture Analytics: Consultant

Philippe Ruh

Research Interests: 

First Placement: Sanitas Health Insurance: Analyst

Rahel Studer-Suter

Research Interests: Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics, Incentives, Microeconomics, Motivation, Online Community Management, Personnel Economics, Strategy

First Placement: Department of Health of the Canton of Zurich: Economist/Tariff Manager

Yingnan Zhao

Research Interests: Macroeconomics, Financial Economics, Firm Dynamics

First Placement: Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE): Assistant Professor



Beatrice Baier Kraus

Research Interests: Applied Macroeconomics

First Placement: Swiss National Bank: Economist

Andreas Beerli

Research Interests: Labor Economics

First Placement: ETH Zurich: Post-Doctoral Researcher

Lea Cassar

Research Interests: 

First Placement: University of Cologne: Assistant Professor

Current Placement: University of Cologne: Junior Professor

Samuel Cudré

Research Interests: Chinese Economy, Global Imbalances, Empirical Macroeconomics, International Economics

First Placement: McKinsey & Company: Research Analyst

Florian Engl

Research Interests: Behavioral and Experimental Economics, Behavioral Ethics, Study of Institutions

First Placement: University of Cologne: Assistant Professor

Current Placement: University of Cologne: Junior Professor

Joël Floris

Research Interests: Anthropometric history, economic, health and social history of Switzerland, history of statistics, quantitative economic history, demography

First Placement: University of Zurich: Post-Doctoral Researcher

Current Placement: University of Zurich: Institute of Evolutionary Medicine

Jana Gallus

Research Interests: Behavioral Economics, Strategy, Innovation, Incentives, Motivation and Performance, Personnel Economics, Online Economy

First Placement: University of Harvard: PostDoc

Current Placement: UCLA: Assistant Professor

Jan-Aaron Klaassen

Research Interests: Economic History

First Placement: Federal Office for the Environment: Research Associate

Current Placement: Federal Office for the Environment: Environmental Policy Advisor

Arnd Heinrich Klein

Research Interests: Applied Microeconomics

First Placement: Swiss Competition Commission: Economist

Current Placement: Cornerstone Research: Economist/Associate

Sabrina Studer Thürlimann

Research Interests: Macroeconomics, Financial Economics and Development, Structural Change, Financialization

First Placement: Lupa Textiles: Team Leader Tech & Logistics




Simon Alder

Research Interests: Economic Growth and Development, Macroeconomics, Trade, Applied Econometrics, Political Economy

First Placement: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: Assistant Professor of Economics

Stefan Notz

Research Interests: International Macroeconomics, International Finance, Advanced Econometrics, Time Series Econometrics, Asset Pricing, Banking Economics

First Placement: TALOS Management Consultants: Senior Consultant

Current Placement: Credit Suisse: Senior Quantitative Analyst

Peter Rosenkranz

Research Interests: DSGE Modeling, Business Cycles, Emerging Markets, Time Series Econometrics, Quantitative Economic History

First Placement: European Central Bank: Market Infrastructure Expert

Current Placement: Asian Development Bank, Philippines: Economist

Lasse Steiner

Research Interests: Cultural Economics, World Heritage, Museum Pricing, Job Satisfaction of Artists

First Placement: Simon-Kucher & Partners: Senior Consultant

Current Placement: Tamedia: Senior Consultant Project Development

Andreas Steinhauer

Research Interests: Labour, Family Economics

First Placement: The University of Edinburgh: Lecturer in Economics

André Volk

Research Interests: Microeconomics

First Placement: Allianz Suisse: Senior Consultant

Yikai Wang

Research Interests: Quantitative Macro, Macro Labor, Political Economy, Chinese Economy

First Placement: University of Oslo, Department of Economics: Assistant Professor

Franziska Josefine Weiss

Research Interests: Macroeconomics

First Placement: UBS: Project Officer

Current Placement: Accenture: Manager Management Consulting Financial Services

Tony Brett Williams

Research Interests: Stata, Social Psychology, Experimental Economics, Statistical Modeling, Program Evaluation

First Placement: The University of Maastricht: Assistant Professor

Current Placement: The Stars Group: Senior Manager for Consumer Behaviour, Social Gaming Division



Gregori Bätschmann

Research Interests: Applied Econometrics, Subjective Well-Being

First Placement: Baloise Insurance: Product & Market Analyst

Claudia Bernasconi

Research Interests: Economic Data and Development in Emerging Markets

First Placement: Swiss Life

Current Placement: Swiss Life: Asset Manager, Senior Economist

Beatrice Brunner

Research Interests: Applied Microeconomics

First Placement: Winterthur Institute of Health Economics: Senior Health Economist

Reto Cueni

Research Interests: Forecasting and the Question of Behavioural and Institutional Biases

First Placement: CREMA Institute Zurich: Post-Doctoral Fellow

Current Placement: Vontobel Asset Management: Senior Economist

Patrizia Feubli

Research Interests: Data Analytics, Modelling, Text Mining in Online Data and Online Marketing

First Placement: Credit Suisse: Senior Economist

Current Placement: AFO Marketing AG: Senior Data Scientist

Sebastian Findeisen

Research Interests: Public Economics, Macroeconomics

First Placement: University of Mannheim: Assistant Professor of Economics

Andreas Kohler

Research Interests: International Economics, Policy Evaluation

First Placement: Agroscope (Swiss centre of excellence for agricultural research): Senior Economist

Andreas Müller

Research Interests: Macroeconomics, Public Finance, Political Economy, Economic Growth and Development, International Economics

First Placement: University of Oslo: Assistant Professor

Current Placement: University of Essex, Department of Economics: Lecturer

Adrian Rohner

Research Interests: Economics and Politics of Innovation

First Placement: State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation SERI: Scientific Advisor

Current Placement: ETH Zurich: Research Coordinator

Raphael Adrian Studer

Research Interests: Econometrics

First Placement: BKW Energie AG: Analyst Operations Research

Current Placement: algrano AG (startup): Co-Founder, Finance and Sales