Master's Year

This applies to students who have not yet attained their Master’s degree and are Registered in the Fast Track  (Track C).


Master’s Year Courses for Track C Students:

Track C students must take 90 ECTS of courses in their first two years of study, although most such students finish the 90 ECTS in their Master’s Year. These 90 ECTS fall into three categories given in the following table:

  • 30 ECTS Credits from the Compulsory modules from the Master of Arts degree program    
  • 30 ECTS Credits from Core elective modules of the Master’s Program          
  • 30 ECTS from their MA Thesis (Research proposal)


The compulsory modules from the Master of Arts degree program (6 ECTS Credits each) are

  • Empirical Methods
  • Advanced Microeconomics 1
  • Advanced Microeconomics 2
  • International Macroeconomics, and
  • Advanced Macroeconomics


Compulsory Modules

Most students choose to take core elective modules from the Master’s Degree Program, of which there are many.

Core Elective Modules

The final requirement, the MA thesis, substitutes for the Second-Year Research Proposal for Track B students.


Students who have successfully completed the modules at the Master's level, including the research proposal (MA thesis), have fulfilled the conditions for the Master's degree and are admitted to the doctoral program. In the next two years, their first two years in the PhD program, they must then fulfill the same 78 ECTS described by the first- and second-year coursework for Track B students above. Unlike Track B students, fast track students are not required to submit a Second-Year Research Proposal, as they have already fulfilled this requirement with their MA Thesis at the point of admittance to the doctoral level

Procedures for Master Thesis