Fast Track (Master & PhD)

For students who have not yet attained their Master’s degree


The Department of Economics offers two tracks within its PhD program. The traditional PhD Track is offered to students who have earned a Master’s degree prior to admission to the PhD program. Coursework begins directly with the first-year PhD courses. This track is referred to as Track B.

Alternately, promising students who have not yet earned their Master’s degree can apply for a Fast Track Course, referred to as Track C.  These students spend their "Master’s Year" enrolled in classes from the department’s Master's Degree Program.  Students who successfully complete the modules at the Master's level, including the research proposal (MA Thesis), thereby fulfill the conditions for the Master's degree and are then admitted to the first year of the (normal/Track B) doctoral program. During their remaining years in the program, they then fulfill the same requirements as Track B students.