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Borrowing and renewals

Borrowing items takes place at the borrowing counter (at no cost) or by post (CHF 12.00 per item). The books can also be picked up in other libraries of the University of Zurich (see UZH-Pilot-Courier, free of charge).

The lending period is 28 days and is extended automatically five times for another 28 days each if the document is not requested from another party. Items can always be recalled after 28 days if there is a reservation.

Library users are allowed to borrow a maximum of 500 items at one time (in the libraries of the University of Zurich and the Zurich Central Library in total).

For all information regarding borrowed books, reservations etc. please see your swisscovery account, to change your address please use your SWITCH edu-ID account.

You can see your media borrowed from the former NEBIS network at until March 2021. For this purpose, please use your existing NEBIS library login. Renewals are technically no longer possible.

Orders of articles and book chapters from the storage library (Speicherbibliothek)

UZH affiliates can order articles from periodicals and chapters from books stored in the storage library (Speicherbibliothek) at no cost with the web form.

Instructions (PDF (german) (PDF, 398 KB) and video):
- How do I see if a publication is available in the storage library (Speicherbibliothek)?
- Where can I find the permalink in swisscovery?


An item that is currently on loan can be reserved online at no cost. You will be notified once it is available, and you can pick it up within seven days at the desired library (pick-up libraries see UZH-Pilot-Courier). You also can have a document sent to your home by post (CHF 12.-).


Borrowed items must be returned by the end of the lending period. Once the lending period has expired, the users are late (see fines). If items are returned by post, all responsibility remains with the borrower until the item arrives at the library.

Books from our library and other libraries of the University of Zurich (see UZH-Pilot-Courier) can be returned to our book return box when the library is closed. Please have a look at the opening hours of the main building.

Books from our library can also be returned to other libraries of the Unviersity of Zurich (see UZH-Pilot-Courier). There the books can be placed in possible book return boxes as well. Next to the entrance door of the Library of Business Administration there is a book return box where you can return books 24/7.


Borrowing documents requires a library account. To register to swisscovery, you need a SWITCH edu-ID account (swisscovery Registration, at no cost). All students and persons affiliated with UZH and the ETH as well as interested private persons over the age of 16 are entitled to use the library.