Selected recent publications

PNAS Cover

The long-run effects of religious persecution: Evidence from the Spanish Inquisition (PDF, 12 MB)

Mauricio Drelichmana, Jordi Vidal-Robertb, and Hans-Joachim Voth

PNAS, August 2021



Generous with individuals and selfish to the masses

Carlos Alós-Ferrer, Jaume García-Segarra & Alexander Ritschel

Nature Human Behaviour, July 2021

Review of Economic Studies Cover

Killer Incentives: Rivalry, Performance and Risk-Taking among German Fighter Pilots, 1939-45 (PDF, 6 MB)

Philipp Ager, Leonardo Bursztyn, Lukas Leucht, Hans - Joachim Voth

Review of Economic Studies, June 2021

Revue of Economic Studies Cover

Signalling to Experts

Pablo Kurlat and Florian Scheuer

Review of Economic Studies, March 2021

Nature Human Behavior Cover

The Impact of Peer Personality on Academic Achievement

Bart H. H. Golsteyn, Arjan Non and Ulf Zölitz

Journal of Political Economy, March 2021

American Economic Review

Genetic underpinnings of risky behaviour relate to altered neuroanatomy

Gökhan Aydogan, Remi Daviet, Richard Karlsson Linnér, Todd A. Hare, Joseph W. Kable, Henry R. Kranzler, Reagan R. Wetherill, Christian C. Ruff, Philipp D. Koellinger, BIG BEAR Consortium & Gideon

Nature Human Behaviour, January 2021

American Economic Review

What Motivates Paternalism? An Experimental Study

Sandro Ambuehl, B. Douglas Bernheim, Axel Ockenfels

American Economic Review, March 2021

American Economic Review

Behavioral Constraints on the Design of Subgame-Perfect Implementation Mechanisms

Ernst Fehr, Michael Powell, Tom Wilkening

American Economic Review, April 2021

Nature Human Behavior Cover

Attention Please!

Jakub Steiner, Olivier Gossner, Colin Stewart

Econometrica (forthcoming)

American Economic Review

Wages and the Value of Nonemployment

Simon Jäger Benjamin Schoefer Samuel Young Josef Zweimüller

The Quarterly Journal of Economics, November 2020

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  • Ambuehl, Sandro; Bernheim, B. Douglas; Lusardi, Annamaria (2021). Evaluating deliberative competence: a simple method with an application to financial choice. Discussion Paper Series 15863, Centre for Economic Policy Research. ZORA
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  • Haenni, Simon; Lichand, Guilherme (2021). Harming to signal: child marriage vs. public donations in Malawi. Working paper series / Department of Economics 348, University of Zurich. ZORA
  • Floris, Joël; Kaiser, Laurent; Mayr, Harald; Staub, Kaspar; Woitek, Ulrich (2021). Investigating survivorship bias: the case of the 1918 flu pandemic. Working paper series / Department of Economics 316, University of Zurich. ZORA
  • Lindström, Björn; Bellander, Martin; Schultner, David T; Chang, Allen; Tobler, Philippe N; Amodio, David M (2021). A computational reward learning account of social media engagement. Nature Communications, 12:1311. ZORA
  • Zweimüller, Josef; Szigetvari, András. Ökonom: "80 Prozent der Einkommenskluft macht Mutterschaft aus". In: Der Standard, 24 Februar 2021, ZORA
  • Cohn, Alain; Maréchal, Michel André; Schneider, Frédéric; Weber, Roberto A (2021). Frequent job changes can signal poor work attitude and reduce employability. Journal of the European Economic Association, 19(1):475-508. ZORA
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  • Scheuer, Florian; Slemrod, Joel (2021). Taxing our wealth. Journal of Economic Perspectives, 35(1):207-230. ZORA
  • Lichand, Guilherme; Wolf, Sharon (2021). Arm-wrestling in the classroom: the non-monotonic effects of monitoring teachers. Working paper series / Department of Economics 357, University of Zurich. ZORA