Anjali Raja Beharelle


Raja Beharelle, A.*, Maier, S.U.*, Polanía, R. Ruff, C.C., Hare, T.A. Dissociable mechanisms govern when and how strongly reward attributes affect decisions [preprint]

*shared first authorship)

Raja Beharelle A, Polanía R, Hare TA, Ruff CC (2015) Transcranial stimulation over frontopolar cortex elucidates the choice attributes and neural mechanisms used to resolve exploration-exploitation trade-offs. The Journal of Neuroscience 35(43):14544-14556. [PubMed]

Raja Beharelle A, Kovačević N, McIntosh AR, Levine B (2012) Brain signal variability relates to stability of behavior after recovery from diffuse brain injury. Neuroimage 60(2):1528-1537. [PubMed]

Raja Beharelle A, Tisserand D, Stuss DT, McIntosh AR, Levine B (2011) Brain activity patterns uniquely supporting visual feature integration after traumatic brain injury. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 5:164. [PubMed]

Raja Beharelle A, Dick AS, Josse G, Solodkin A, Huttenlocher PR, Levine SC, Small SL (2010) Left hemisphere regions are critical for language in the face of early left focal brain injury. Brain 133(6): 1707-1716. [PubMed]


  • How arousal impacts exploratory behavior video
  • Decisions to explore are preceded by increased baseline arousal video
  • Enhanced function of typical hubs supports near-normal language ability after early focal lesions video