Rainer Winkelmann

Recent Publications

J. Kunz,  K. Staub and R. Winkelmann, Predicting individual effects in fixed effects panel probit models (PDF, 10 MB), Journal of the Royal Statistical Society A. https://doi.org/10.1111/rssa.12722, 2021

R. Winkelmann and L. Xu, Testing the binomial fixed effects logit model, with an application to female labour supply (PDF, 517 KB), Empirical Economics. https://doi.org/10.1007/s00181-021-02034-2, 2021.

G. Baetschmann, A. Ballantyne, K.E. Staub and R. Winkelmann, FEOLOGIT: A new command for estimating fixed effects ordered logit models (PDF, 547 KB). The Stata Journal 20 (2), 253–275, 2020.

García-Suaza, Andrés, Jesús Otero, and Rainer Winkelmann, Predicting early career productivity of PhD economists: does advisor-match matter?Scientometrics, 2019.

Oswald, A. and R. Winkelmann, Lottery Wins and Satisfaction: Overturning Brickman in Modern Longitudinal Data on Germany, in: The Economics of Happiness: How the Easterlin Paradox Transformed Our Understanding of Well-Being and Progress, Mariano Rojas (ed.), Springer. 2019.

Kunz, Johannes S. and Rainer Winkelmann, An econometric model of health care demand under non-linear pricing, Health Economics, June 2017, Vol. 26(6) Download (PDF, 248 KB)
Stata code

Baetschmann, Gregori and Rainer Winkelmann, A dynamic hurdle model for zero-inflated count data, Communications in Statistics - Theory and Methods, 46,7174-7187, 2017
Download (PDF, 260 KB)

Studer Raphael and Rainer Winkelmann, Econometric Analysis of Ratings - with an Application to Health and Wellbeing,  Swiss Journal of Economics and Statistics, 153, 1-13, 2017
Download (PDF, 263 KB)

Working Papers

Kunz, Johannes S., Kevin Staub and Rainer Winkelmann, Predicting Fixed Effects in Panel Probit Models, Monash University Discussion Paper 1019.

Winkelmann, Rainer and Lin Xu (2019), Testing the Binomial Fixed Effects Logit Model; with an Application to Female Labor Supply, Department of Economics WP No. 321