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Read opinion pieces by our faculty on their specialist subjects.


From Womb to Work by Hannes Schwandt
How a healthy pregnancy and early childhood interventions can reduce economic inequality. Read More


Helicopter Parents by Fabrizio Zilibotti
The way in which parents interact with their children affects the formation of human capital, which is in turn is a crucial determinant of long-run growth and future inequality. Read More


Status Contest and Private Bankruptcy by Joachim Voth
The competition for ostentation can lead to a higher collective economic output. Nevertheless, it can also make people unhappy and tempt careless consumption. Read More


Index Funds and Monopolization by Joachim Voth
The financial resources gathered from the largest American index funds are enormous, as are their influence. Nevertheless, there is a fear that this is causing the competition in some sectors to suffer as a result. Read More


Protectionism is not a Solution by David Dorn
Globalization has cost jobs in the United States. But we cannot focus on bringing these jobs back with international trade restrictions. Read More


Teachings from Berkeley by Joachim Voth
California’s top state-run university shows that academic excellence can be achieved with relatively little means – but efficiency has its limits. Read More