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Moral appeals alone will not suffice

Ernst Fehr

2020-01-14: In an interview in the Der Bund Ernst Fehr explains why we need policy intervention and a general climate tax.  "The prevention of global warming is a prime example of legitimate state intervention. Individual actors generate negative external effects, and the state must intervene. This is 101 textbook knowledge, and all economists agree  on this point. The prevention of global warming is a public good, one of the most important ones for humanity".

Article in Der Bund (PDF, 669 KB) (PDF, German)

Parental leave has no negative consequences on companies or coworkers

2020-01-08: A recently published paper coauthored by Anne Brenøe refutes the assumption that offering parental leave has negative consequences for the company offering it or for the co-workers who might have to pick up some of the slack. 

New York Post

Who is Who: David Dorn

David Dorn

2020-01-07: David Dorn's track record in economic research is listed in the current edition of the Who is Who in Research list. David Dorn examines, among other things, how the economic rise of China has affected social and political conditions in the USA. As the most cited professor at an European university, David Dorn regularly presents his research findings to national and international politicians and business associations.


Björn Bartling appointed Associate Editor to the Journal of the European Economic Association

2020-01-06: Björn Bartling has been appointed Associate Editor to the Journal of the European Economic Association (JEEA). He is the third representative from our Department in this role, alongside David Yanagizawa-Drott and Michel Maréchal. The JEEA was established in 2003 and has meanwhile risen to be one of the top ten journals in economics. The aim of the European Economic Association is to help base economic decision-making on scientific principles, facts and economic theory, rather than on political discussions.  

Social security does not make people lazy

Dina Pomeranz

2020-01-02: Interview with Dina Pomeranz in Finanz und Wirtschaft covering the drivers of economic growth in developing countries, the role of empirical evidence to move political discussions out of the ideological corner, and how randomized trials can refute beliefs regarding the effectiveness of aid projects in developing countries.

Article (German)