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Carlos Alós-Ferrer Appointed Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Economic Psychology


2019-01-16: As of Jan 1 2019, Carlos Alós-Ferrer has taken on the role or Editior-in-Chief of the Journal of Economic Psychology. The journal focuses on understanding behavioral, in particular psychological, aspects of economic phenomena and processes on different levels of aggregation, from the household and the individual consumer to the macro level of whole nations, e.g. economic behavior in connection with inflation, unemployment, taxation, economic development, as well as consumer information and economic behavior in the market place. 

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David Hémous Receives Excellence in Refereeing Award

David Hemous

2019-01-16: David Hémous received the 2018 “Excellence in Refereeing Award” from the Journal of the European Economic Association (JEEA). The award recognizes the outstanding work of those referees whose service and dedication have contributed to the quality of the Journal of the European Economic Association.


Banking Integration in the EMU – let’s get real.


2019-01-11:  Bank-to-bank lending in the euro area has increased, direct cross-border lending has not. An article by Mathias Hoffmann, Egor Maslov et al. in VOX CEPR Policy Portal shows that dependence on domestic banks reduces risk-sharing in a crisis, reducing GDP growth in affected country-sectors. This exposes economies with high shares of SMEs and high domestic bank dependence to risks from global banking shocks. Benefits from banking integration are only robust to global shocks if banking integration takes the form of cross-border lending to firms and households.


Jakub Steiner Appointed Associate Professor

David Dorn

2019-01-10: Prof. Dr. Jakub Steiner has been appointed Associate Professor ad personam for Microeconomic Theory starting 1 January 2019. Jakub Steiner originally studied physics and obtained a PhD in Economics from the Center for Economic Research and Graduate Education - Economic Institute (CERGE-EI) in Prague in 2006. After lecturing at the University of Edinburgh, he was assistant professor at Northwestern University. After 2012/2013 he held a 50% professorship at the University of Edinburgh, CERGE-EI and the Center for Theoretical Study in Prague. Since June 2018 Jakub Steiner has been a Senior Research Associate at the UZH Department of Economics as part of his ERC Consolidator Grant. His research focuses on theoretical models of human behavior.

David Dorn: One of the Most Cited Economists of our Time

David Dorn

2019-01-08: David Dorn is one of the most cited contemporary economist regarding recency and impact. Based on REPECs citations ranking including the number of citations, weighted the recursive impact factor, and discounted by citation age (WDScCites) he ranks on an excellent 9th place globally. 


Most Influential Economists in Switzerland

2019-01-08: The Tages Anzeiger’s list of the ten most influential Swiss Economists includes three members of our Department: Ernst Fehr, Dina Pomeranz, and Tobias Straumann

Interview with David Hémous

David Hemous

2019-01-08: The Progressive Post features an interview with David Hémous on automation, digitization and how to protect workers, but not necessarily jobs. 
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Isolation Instead of Innovation?

David Dorn

2019-01-07: At the beginning of the new year, the radio programme Trend takes a look at the current global economic situation. In an interview with David Dorn, the programme explores the question of why scepticism about free trade is increasing and what the consequences of the economic isolation of individual countries are. David Dorn's research shows how the job losses of the last two decades are related to these developments and how economic changes also bring about political changes. 

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A Look Back at 2018

Ralph Ossa

2019-01-03: SRF Börse takes a look back at the year 2018 and the dispute over trade tariffs. In an interview, Ralph Ossa explains which effects the current trade war might have and what this means for Switzerland in particular.

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