Pioneering Economics

Our Vision, Mission and Values


The Department of Economics aims to assume a globally leading role taking its place among the world's top-ranked Universities. We want to provide a decisive contribution to comprehensive and sustainable economic and social policies. 


The world-class research conducted at the Department of Economics has an interdisciplinary focus, combining modern economics with elements from history, political science, psychology, biology, and sociology. We achieve this by appointing outstanding and internationally recognized scientists, creating the best possible research conditions, and encouraging young talent. We also promote the dialog between science and the society with public events on current topics.


We want to contribute to finding answers to the five most pressing challenges humanity is facing today. How we as a society deal with these challenges will have a decisive impact on how the world develops in the coming decades. Find out more about these challenges and our contribution.



In early 2019, representatives from our faculty, researchers, support staff and student-body met for workshops during which we found common answers to questions such as: What makes our Department unique, how can students and society benefit from our work, how do we collaborate, what is our contribution to society, etc. 

Based on this, we defined four (or eight, depending on how you count) values that summarize our answers to these questions and will give you an idea of what we are all about.


The Department of Economics is a thought leader in economics and addresses the challenges and questions of today’s society. With our forward-thinking attitude and multidisciplinary approach, we are pushing into unchartered territory. We offer direction – to students, society, leaders and policy makers.

insirung curiosity

The Department of Economics is transforming the global discourse of economics through its research. We believe that personal, social and scientific transformation begins with inspiration and insight. We reach out to provide a home to open-minded scientists and colleagues.

promoting talents

The Department of Economics seeks variety and diversity in cultural and scientific backgrounds, approaches, lifestyles and interests. We offer our students world-class education and outstanding facilities. We encourage novel approaches and collaboration across borders to create an inspiring work environment for all employees.

Creating Economics

The Department of Economics pushes towards a fundamentally new understanding of economics. We challenge and redefine conventions and thought categories based on methodological analysis and empirical evidence. We share our insights in accessible ways and aim to create a significant impact on society and contribute positively to the world as a whole.