Working Paper Series

The contributions presented in the Working Paper Series are published on this website as well as in RePEc, SSRN, ZORA (Department of Economics, Institute for Empirical Research in Economics (former), Socioeconomic Institute (former)) and Merlin. You'll find the UBS International Center Working Paper Series here.
All papers are kept as print copies in the Department of Economics Library.
ECON staff please find instructions for the publication of your working paper in the ECON Intranet

ECON 279Voluntary Disclosure in Unfair Contests. Christian Ewerhart and Julia Grünseis (Feb 2018)
ECON 278The Dynamics of Norm Formation and Norm Decay. Ernst Fehr and Ivo Schurtenberger (Feb 2018)
ECON 277Demand Forces of Technical Change Evidence from the Chinese Manufacturing Industry. Andreas Beerli, Franziska J. Weiss, Fabrizio Zilibotti and Josef Zweimüller (Jan 2018)
ECON 276Unemployment Insurance and the Labor Market. Josef Zweimüller (Jan 2018)
ECON 275Multigrading and Child Achievement. Gian Paolo Barbetta, Giuseppe Sorrenti and Gilberto Turati (Jan 2018)
ECON 274Intergenerational Mobility in the 19th Century: Micro-Level Evidence from the City of Zurich. Giacomin Favre, Joël Floris and Ulrich Woitek (Jan 2018)
ECON 273Money vs. Time: Family Income, Maternal Labor Supply, and Child Development. Francesco Agostinelli and Giuseppe Sorrenti (Jan 2018)
ECON 261Frictional Asset Reallocation under Adverse Selection. Florian Madison (Jan 2018)
ECON 247Inside Money, Investment, and Unconventional Monetary Policy. Lukas Altermatt (Jan 2018)
ECON 246Balanced Bootstrap Joint Confidence Bands for Structural Impulse Response Functions. Stefan Bruder and Michael Wolf (Jan 2018)
ECON 241Exit Strategies for Monetary Policy. Aleksander Berentsen, Sébastien Kraenzlin and Benjamin Müller (Feb 2018)
ECON 238Efficient Weighting: A More Powerful Test for Cross-Sectional Anomalies. Olivier Ledoit, Michael Wolf and Zhao Zhao (Feb 2018)