Working Paper Series

The contributions presented in the Working Paper Series are published on this website as well as in RePEc, SSRN, ZORA (Department of Economics, Institute for Empirical Research in Economics (former), Socioeconomic Institute (former)) and Merlin. You'll find the UBS International Center Working Paper Series here.
All papers are kept as print copies in the Department of Economics Library.
ECON staff please find instructions for the publication of your working paper in the Internal Guidelines Section of the Administration Wiki

ECON 212On the Equivalence of Bayesian and Dominant Strategy Implementation: The Case of Non-Linear Utilities. Alexey Kushnir and Shuo Liu (Nov 2015)
ECON 153An Externality-Robust Auction: Theory and Experimental Evidence. Björn Bartling and Nick Netzer (Nov 2015)
ECON 211Centralized Trading of Corporate Bonds. Samuel Huber and Jaehong Kim (Nov 2015)
ECON 210Job History, Work Attitude, and Employability. Alain Cohn, Michel André Maréchal, Frédéric Schneider, and Roberto A. Weber (Nov 2015)
ECON 193Central Bank Purchases of Government Bonds. Samuel Huber and Jaehong Kim (Nov 2015)
ECON 209Auctions vs Negotiations in Public Procurement: Which Works Better?. Rafael Lalive, Armin Schmutzler and Christine Zulehner (Nov 2015)
ECON 208Preaching Water But Drinking Wine? Relative Performance Evaluation in International Banking. Dragan Ilić, Sonja Pisarov and Peter S. Schmidt (Oct 2015)
ECON 207Allais at the Horse Race: Testing Models of Ambiguity Aversion. Florian Schneider and Martin Schonger (Oct 2015)
ECON 206Explaining structural change towards and within the financial sector. Josef Falkinger, Sabrina Studer and Yingnan Zhao (Oct 2015)
ECON 184An Envelope Approach to Tournament Design. Christian Ewerhart (Oct 2015)
ECON 205Laboratory Measure of Cheating Predicts Misbehavior at School. Alain Cohn and Michel André Maréchal (Sep 2015)
ECON 204An econometric model of health care demand with non-linear pricing. Johannes S. Kunz and Rainer Winkelmann (Sep 2015)
ECON 203Coauthorship Networks and Research Output. Michael D. König, Xiaodong Liu and Christian Zimmermann (Aug 2015)
ECON 202The Welfare Effects of Endogenous Quality Choice in Cable Television Markets. Gregory S. Crawford, Oleksandr Shcherbakov and Matthew Shum (Aug 2015)
ECON 172Resurrecting Weighted Least Squares. Joseph P. Romano and Michael Wolf (Aug 2015)
ECON 127The Road not Taken: Competition and the R&D Portfolio. Igor Letina (Aug 2015)
ECON 201Pledges of Commitment and Cooperation in Partnerships. Lachlan Deer and Ralph-C. Bayer (Jul 2015)
ECON 200Designing Institutions for Diversity. Igor Letina and Armin Schmutzler (Jul 2015)
ECON 199Limited Commitment and the Demand for Money in the U.K.. Aleksander Berentsen, Samuel Huber and Alessandro Marchesiani (Jul 2015)
ECON 133Unique equilibrium in incomplete information contests with budget constraints. Christian Ewerhart and Federico Quartieri (Jul 2015)
ECON 198Monetary Policy with Asset-Backed Money. David Andolfatto, Aleksander Berentsen and Christopher Waller (Jun 2015)
ECON 197The Economics of Television and Online Video Markets. Gregory S. Crawford (Jun 2015)
ECON 196The Ambiguity Triangle: Uncovering Fundamental Patterns of Behavior Under Uncertainty. Daniel R. Burghart, Thomas Epper and Ernst Fehr (Jun 2015)
ECON 195Contest Success Functions: The Common-Pool Perspective. Christian Ewerhart (Jun 2015)
ECON 139A Tale of Fire-Sales and Liquidity Hoarding. Aleksander Berentsen and Benjamin Müller (Jun 2015)
ECON 194Debt into Growth: How Sovereign Debt Accelerated the First Industrial Revolution. Jaume Ventura and Hans-Joachim Voth (May 2015)
ECON 176The Societal Benefit of a Financial Transaction Tax. Aleksander Berentsen, Samuel Huber and Alessandro Marchesiani (May 2015)
ECON 132Bad Boys: How Criminal Identity Salience Affects Rule Violation. Alain Cohn, Michel André Maréchal and Thomas Noll (May 2015)
ECON 192Asymmetric Information and Imperfect Competition in Lending Markets. Gregory S. Crawford, Nicola Pavanini and Fabiano Schivardi (Apr 2015)
ECON 191Voting with Public Information. Shuo Liu (Apr 2015)
ECON 190Informational Requirements of Nudging. Jean-Michel Benkert and Nick Netzer (Apr 2015)
ECON 180Game Form Misconceptions are Not Necessary for a Willingness-to-Pay vs. Willingness-to-Accept Gap. Björn Bartling, Florian Engl and Roberto A. Weber (Apr 2015)
ECON 138Pivotality and Responsibility Attribution in Sequential Voting. Björn Bartling, Urs Fischbacher and Simeon Schudy (Apr 2015)
ECON 126Limelight on Dark Markets: Theory and Experimental Evidence on Liquidity and Information. Aleksander Berentsen, Michael McBride and Guillaume Rocheteau (Apr 2015)
ECON 189The Role of Bounded Rationality and Imperfect Information in Subgame Perfect Implementation: An Empirical Investigation. Philippe Aghion, Ernst Fehr, Richard Holden and Tom Wilkening (Mar 2015)
ECON 188Bilateral Trade with Loss-Averse Agents. Jean-Michel Benkert (Mar 2015)
ECON 50Generosity Across Contexts. Alexander L. Davis, Nadja R. Jehli, John H. Miller and Roberto A. Weber (Mar 2015)
ECON 187On the origin of r-concavity and related concepts. Tamás L. Balogh and Christian Ewerhart (Feb 2015)
ECON 186Rent-Seeking Games and the All-Pay Auction. Christian Ewerhart (Jan 2015)
ECON 185Turning a Blind Eye, But Not the Other Cheek: On the Robustness of Costly Punishment. Peter H. Kriss, Roberto A. Weber and Erte Xiao (Jan 2015)
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