Working Paper Series

The contributions presented in the Working Paper Series are published on this website as well as in RePEc, SSRN, ZORA (Department of Economics, Institute for Empirical Research in Economics (former), Socioeconomic Institute (former)) and Merlin. You'll find the UBS International Center Working Paper Series here.
All papers are kept as print copies in the Department of Economics Library.
ECON staff please find instructions for the publication of your working paper in the ECON Intranet

ECON 250The Role of Gender in Employment Polarization. Fabio Cerina, Alessio Moro and Michelle Petersen Rendall (Mar 2017)
ECON 249Accounting for the New Gains from Trade Liberalization. Chang-Tai Hsieh, Nicholas Li, Ralph Ossa and Mu-Jeung Yang (Mar 2017)
ECON 248Money, Inflation, and Unemployment in the Presence of Informality. Mohammed Aït Lahcen (Mar 2017)
ECON 247Inside Money, Investment, and Unconventional Monetary Policy. Lukas Altermatt (Mar 2017)
ECON 246Balanced Bootstrap Joint Confidence Bands for Structural Impulse Response Functions. Stefan Bruder and Michael Wolf (Mar 2017)
ECON 245Smoking Behaviour in Germany: Evidence from the SOEP. Daniela Heilert and Ashok Kaul (Mar 2017)
ECON 244Do Professional Norms in the Banking Industry Favor Risk-taking?. Alain Cohn, Ernst Fehr and Michel André Maréchal (Mar 2017)
ECON 243Revenue Ranking of Optimally Biased Contests: The Case of Two Players. Christian Ewerhart (Mar 2017)
ECON 242The Lottery Contest is a Best-Response Potential Game. Christian Ewerhart (Mar 2017)
ECON 231Large Dynamic Covariance Matrices. Robert F. Engle, Olivier Ledoit and Michael Wolf (Apr 2017)
ECON 229A "Fractal" Solution to the Chopstick Auction. Christian Ewerhart (Apr 2017)
ECON 217Network Formation with Local Complements and Global Substitutes: The Case of R&D Networks. Chih-Sheng Hsieh, Michael D. König and Xiaodong Liu (Feb 2017)
ECON 215Numerical Implementation of the QuEST Function. Olivier Ledoit and Michael Wolf (Jan 2017)
ECON 193On the Optimal Quantity of Liquid Bonds. Samuel Huber and Jaehong Kim (Apr 2017)
ECON 170The Swiss franc's honeymoon. Alexandra Janssen and Rahel Studer (Jan 2017)
ECON 137Nonlinear Shrinkage of the Covariance Matrix for Portfolio Selection: Markowitz Meets Goldilocks. Olivier Ledoit and Michael Wolf (Feb 2017)
ECON 122Optimal Estimation of a Large-Dimensional Covariance Matrix under Stein's Loss. Olivier Ledoit and Michael Wolf (Mar 2017)