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Working Paper Series

The contributions presented in the Working Paper Series are published on this website as well as in RePEc, SSRN, ZORA (Department of Economics, Institute for Empirical Research in Economics (former), Socioeconomic Institute (former)) and Merlin. You'll find the UBS International Center Working Paper Series here.
All papers are kept as print copies in the Department of Economics Library.
ECON staff please find instructions for the publication of your working paper in the Internal Guidelines Section of the Administration Wiki

ECON 183Holes in the Dike: the global savings glut, U.S. house prices and the long shadow of banking deregulation. Mathias Hoffmann and Iryna Stewen (Dec 2014)
ECON 182Which Factors Drive the Skill-Mix of Migrants in the Long-Run?. Andreas Beerli and Ronald Indergand (Dec 2014)
ECON 137Nonlinear Shrinkage of the Covariance Matrix for Portfolio Selection: Markowitz Meets Goldilocks. Olivier Ledoit and Michael Wolf (Dec 2014)
ECON 181Comparing Several Methods to Compute Joint Prediction Regions for Path Forecasts Generated by Vector Autoregressions. Stefan Bruder (Nov 2014)
ECON 180Game Form Misconceptions Do Not Explain the Endowment Effect. Björn Bartling, Florian Engl and Roberto A. Weber (Nov 2014)
ECON 179The Two Faces of Independence: Betweenness and Homotheticity. Daniel R. Burghart, Thomas Epper and Ernst Fehr (Nov 2014)
ECON 178Technology Cycles in Dynamic R&D Networks. Michael D. König (Nov 2014)
ECON 172Resurrecting Weighted Least Squares. Joseph P. Romano and Michael Wolf (Nov 2014)
ECON 122Optimal Estimation of a Large-Dimensional Covariance Matrix under Stein's Loss. Olivier Ledoit and Michael Wolf (Nov 2014)
ECON 177Job mission as a substitute for monetary incentives: experimental evidence. Lea Cassar (Oct 2014)
ECON 176The Societal Benefits of a Financial Transaction Tax. Aleksander Berentsen, Samuel Huber and Alessandro Marchesiani (Oct 2014)
ECON 175Optimal Effort Incentives in Dynamic Tournaments. Arnd Heinrich Klein and Armin Schmutzler (Oct 2014)
ECON 150Optimal Contracting with Endogenous Project Mission. Lea Cassar (Oct 2014)
ECON 174Analyzing educational achievement differences between second-generation immigrants: Comparing Germany and German-speaking Switzerland. Johannes S. Kunz (Sep 2014)
ECON 173Are Subjective Distributions in Inflation Expectations Symmetric?. Nikola Mirkov and Andreas Steinhauer (Sep 2014)
ECON 34Pre-Play Communication with Forgone Costly Messages: Experimental Evidence on Forward Induction. Andreas Blume, Peter H. Kriss and Roberto A. Weber (Sep 2014)
ECON 171Handing Out Guns at a Knife Fight: Behavioral Limitations of Subgame-Perfect Implementation. Ernst Fehr, Michael Powell and Tom Wilkening (Aug 2014)
ECON 170The Swiss franc's honeymoon. Rahel Studer-Suter and Alexandra Janssen (Aug 2014)
ECON 134Do Markets Erode Social Responsibility?. Björn Bartling, Roberto A. Weber and Lan Yao (Aug 2014)
ECON 127The road not taken: competition and the R&D portfolio. Igor Letina (Aug 2014)
ECON 169Higher Bank Capital Requirements and Mortgage Pricing: Evidence from the Counter-Cyclical Capital Buffer. Christoph Basten and Catherine Koch (Jul 2014)
ECON 168Mixed Equilibrium in a Pure Location Game: The Case of n ≥ 4 Firms. Christian Ewerhart (Jul 2014)
ECON 167Do Leaders Affect Ethical Conduct?. Giovanna d'Adda, Donja Darai and Roberto A. Weber (Jul 2014)
ECON 166The Consumption-Income Ratio, Entrepreneurial Risk and the US Stock Market: Technical Appendix. Mathias Hoffmann (Jul 2014)
ECON 35Maintaining Efficiency While Integrating Entrants From Lower-Performing Groups: An Experimental Study. Timothy C. Salmon and Roberto A. Weber (Jul 2014)
ECON 165The (Possible) Effect of Plain Packaging on Smoking Prevalence in Australia: A Trend Analysis. Ashok Kaul and Michael Wolf (Jun 2014)
ECON 164A Small Open Economy in the Great Depression: the Case of Switzerland. Peter Rosenkranz, Tobias Straumann and Ulrich Woitek (Jun 2014)
ECON 163Business Cycles in Emerging Markets: the Role of Liability Dollarization and Valuation Effects. Stefan Notz and Peter Rosenkranz (Jun 2014)
ECON 162A Provincial View of Global Imbalances: Regional Capital Flows in China. Samuel Cudré and Mathias Hoffmann (Jun 2014)
ECON 161Capital's Long March West: Saving and Investment Frictions in Chinese Regions. Samuel Cudré (Jun 2014)
ECON 120The Intrinsic Value of Decision Rights. Björn Bartling, Ernst Fehr and Holger Herz (Jun 2014)
ECON 97Auctioning risk: The all-pay auction under mean-variance preferences. Bettina Klose and Paul Schweinzer (Jun 2014)
ECON 160Math Matters: Education Choices and Wage Inequality. Andrew Rendall and Michelle Rendall (May 2014)
ECON 159Unique Equilibrium in Rent-Seeking Contests with a Continuum of Types. Christian Ewerhart (May 2014)
ECON 158Let the Market Decide: An Experimental Study of Competition and Fairness. Björn Bartling, Manuel Grieder and Christian Zehnder (May 2014)
ECON 157The Value of Top-Down Communication for Organizational Performance. Leif Brandes and Donja Darai (May 2014)
ECON 156Highway to Hitler. Nico Voigtländer and Hans-Joachim Voth (May 2014)
ECON 155Elastic contests and the robustness of the all-pay auction. Christian Ewerhart (May 2014)
ECON 149The (Possible) Effect of Plain Packaging on the Smoking Prevalence of Minors in Australia: A Trend Analysis. Ashok Kaul and Michael Wolf (May 2014)
ECON 154In search of economic reality under the veil of financial markets. Josef Falkinger (Apr 2014)
ECON 153An Externality-Robust Auction: Theory and Experimental Evidence. Björn Bartling and Nick Netzer (Apr 2014)
ECON 152Targeted vs. Collective Information Sharing in Networks. Alexey Kushnir and Alexandru Nichifor (Apr 2014)
ECON 151A Dynamic Hurdle Model for Zero-Inflated Count Data: With an Application to Health Care Utilization. Gregori Baetschmann and Rainer Winkelmann (Apr 2014)
ECON 90A Practical Two-Step Method for Testing Moment Inequalities. Joseph P. Romano, Azeem M. Shaikh and Michael Wolf (Apr 2014)
ECON 66Mechanism Design and Intentions. Felix Bierbrauer and Nick Netzer (Apr 2014)
ECON 148Leverage and Beliefs: Personal Experience and Risk Taking in Margin Lending. Peter Koudijs and Hans-Joachim Voth (Mar 2014)
ECON 147Bowling for fascism: social capital and the rise of the Nazi Party. Shanker Satyanath, Nico Voigtländer and Hans-Joachim Voth (Mar 2014)
ECON 146Recreating the South Sea Bubble: Lessons from an Experiment in Financial History. Giovanni Giusti, Charles Noussair and Hans-Joachim Voth (Mar 2014)
ECON 145Risk sharing with the monarch: contingent debt and excusable defaults in the age of Philip II, 15561598. Mauricio Drelichman and Hans-Joachim Voth (Mar 2014)
ECON 144God does not play dice, but people should: random selection in politics, science and society. Bruno S. Frey and Lasse Steiner (Mar 2014)
ECON 143Mixed equilibria in Tullock contests. Christian Ewerhart (Mar 2014)
ECON 142R&D Networks: Theory, Empirics and Policy Implications. Michael D. König, Xiaodong Liu and Yves Zenou (Mar 2014)
ECON 141Employment Polarization and the Role of the Apprenticeship System. Michelle Rendall and Franziska J. Weiss (Feb 2014)
ECON 140The Causal Effect of House Prices on Mortgage Demand and Mortgage Supply. Christoph Basten and Cathérine Koch (Feb 2014)
IEW 492The Service Sector and Female Market Work. Michelle Rendall (Feb 2014)
ECON 139A Tale of Fire-Sales and Liquidity Hoarding. Aleksander Berentsen and Benjamin Müller (Jan 2014)
ECON 138Pivotality and Responsibility Attribution in Sequential Voting. Björn Bartling, Urs Fischbacher and Simeon Schudy (Jan 2014)
ECON 136Financial Innovations, Money Demand, and the Welfare Cost of Inflation. Aleksander Berentsen, Samuel Huber and Alessandro Marchesiani (Jan 2014)
ECON 63Robust Stochastic Stability. Carlos Alós-Ferrer and Nick Netzer (Jan 2014)
ECON 16Cournot Games with Biconcave Demand. Christian Ewerhart (Jan 2014)