Working Paper Series

The contributions presented in the Working Paper Series are published on this website as well as in RePEc, SSRN, ZORA (Department of Economics, Institute for Empirical Research in Economics (former), Socioeconomic Institute (former)) and Merlin. You'll find the UBS International Center Working Paper Series here.
All papers are kept as print copies in the Department of Economics Library.
ECON staff please find instructions for the publication of your working paper in the ECON Intranet

ECON 227Hidden Persuaders: Do Small Gifts Lubricate Business Negotiations?. Michel André Maréchal and Christian Thöni (Apr 2016)
ECON 226Priming in Economics. Alain Cohn and Michel André Maréchal (Apr 2016)
ECON 225Does the Absence of Human Sellers Bias Bidding Behavior in Auction Experiments?. Björn Bartling, Tobias Gesche and Nick Netzer (Apr 2016)
ECON 224The Influences of Social Context on the Measurement of Distributional Preferences. Matthias Greiff, Kurt A. Ackermann and Ryan O. Murphy (Apr 2016)
ECON 223Dynamic R&D Networks with Process and Product Innovations. Michael D. König (Mar 2016)
ECON 222Diffusion of Behavior in Dynamic Networks. Michael D. König (Mar 2016)
ECON 221Growth and Welfare Effects of Intellectual Property Rights when Consumers Differ in Income. Christian Kiedaisch (Mar 2016)
ECON 220Asymmetric Information in Frictional Markets for Liquidity: On the Non-Equivalence between Collateralized Credit and Immediate Settlement. Florian Madison (Mar 2016)
ECON 219Efficient Computation of Adjusted p-Values for Resampling-Based Stepdown Multiple Testing. Joseph P. Romano and Michael Wolf (Feb 2016)
ECON 218Subjective completion beliefs and the demand for post-secondary education. Johannes S. Kunz and Kevin E. Staub (Feb 2016)
ECON 217Network Formation with Local Complements and Global Substitutes: The Case of R&D Networks. Chih-Sheng Hsieh, Michael D. König and Xiaodong Liu (Feb 2016)
ECON 216De-biasing strategic communication?. Tobias Gesche (Jan 2016)
ECON 215Numerical Implementation of the QuEST Function. Olivier Ledoit and Michael Wolf (Jan 2016)
ECON 211Centralized Trading of Corporate Bonds. Samuel Huber and Jaehong Kim (May 2016)
ECON 210Job History, Work Attitude, and Employability. Alain Cohn, Michel André Maréchal, Frédéric Schneider and Roberto A. Weber (Apr 2016)
ECON 205Laboratory Measure of Cheating Predicts School Misconduct. Alain Cohn and Michel André Maréchal (Feb 2016)
ECON 199Limited Commitment and the Demand for Money. Aleksander Berentsen, Samuel Huber and Alessandro Marchesiani (Feb 2016)
ECON 193Central Bank Purchases of Government Bonds. Samuel Huber and Jaehong Kim (May 2016)
ECON 153An Externality-Robust Auction: Theory and Experimental Evidence. Björn Bartling and Nick Netzer (Apr 2016)