Neuroeconomics Seminar

Towards a Model of Interpersonal Trust Drawn from Neuroscience, Psychology, and Economics

Frank Krüger (University of Mannheim)
September 20, 2018 | 17:00 - 18:00 | BLU-003

Trust pervades nearly every social aspect of our daily lives and is a major factor in mental illness and psychotherapy. Previous research in the field of neuroeconomics has gained a deeper understanding of the neuropsychoeconomic (NPE) underpinnings of trust by combining complementary methodologies from economics, psychology, and neuroscience. However, a coherent model of trust that integrates separate findings under a conceptual framework is still lacking. I will sketch out an integrative NPE model that explains how the interaction of psychoeconomic trust components engages domain-general large-scale brain networks to shape trust behavior over time. Also, I will point out caveats of the current research approach and provide outstanding questions that guide future transdisciplinary investigations in better understanding the neuropsychology of trust.