Neuroeconomics Seminar

The Temporal Window of Reinforcer Integration Determines the Value of Drugs Among the Addicted

Warren Bickel (Virginia Tech)
May 17, 2018 | 17:00 - 18:00 | BLU-003

The temporal window of integration has been studied previously in neuroscience and information sciences. However, no contemporary theory of addiction addresses the temporal window over which reinforcers are integrated. This is despite the widely replicated observation that those with addiction exhibit a shortened temporal perspective. In this presentation, I will present data from several studies that demonstrate that the temporal window of integration determines the relative value of drugs and prosocial reinforcers (e.g., employment, relationships). Specifically, interventions that increase the temporal window tend to decrease the valuation of drugs, while interventions that decrease the temporal window tend to increase the valuation of drugs. A theory describing these effects will be described.