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Frédéric Schneider

Work in Progress

Wages as Screening Devices (with Roberto Weber)
Asset Bubbles and Behavioral Trader Types (with Andreas Hefti and Steve Heinke)
Endogenous Mergers and the Evolution of Market Structures (with Donja Darai)
Employment History as a Signal (with Roberto Weber)
Voluntary Association and Efficient Coordination (with Eva Ranehill and Roberto Weber)


Long-Term Commitment and Cooperation (with Roberto Weber)
Growing Groups, Cooperation, and the Rate of Entry (with Eva Ranehill and Roberto Weber)
Social Comparison in the Workplace. Evidence from a Field Experiment (with Alain Cohn, Benedikt Herrmann and Ernst Fehr), accepted, Journal of the European Economic Association
Eyes are on us, but nobody cares. The irrelevance of eye cues for strong reciprocity (with Ernst Fehr), Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 2010, vol. 277(1686), pp. 1315-1323
Disrupting the prefrontal cortex diminishes the human ability to build a good reputation (with Daria Knoch, Daniel Schunk, Martin Hohmann and Ernst Fehr), Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2009, vol. 106, no. 49, pp. 20895-20899