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Ernst Fehr


University of Zurich

Prof. Ernst Fehr
Department of Economics
Blümlisalpstrasse 10
CH-8006 Zurich

Office: BLU-213

Phone: +41 44 634 37 01

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New publications

Business culture and dishonesty in the banking industry

Nature, 2014, advanced online publicatioin doi:10.138/nature13977 (with A. Cohn and M. Maréchal)

AER cover
American Economic Review, 105(2), 860-885, 2014 (with A. Cohn, J. Engelmann, and M. Maréchal)
AER cover
Benefits of Neuroeconomic Modeling: New Policy Interventions and predictors of Preference, American Economic Review: Papers & Proceedings, 104(5), 501-506, 2014, (with I. Krajbich and B. Oud)
Econometrica, 82(6), 2005-2039, 2014 (with B. Bartling and H. Herz)
The neurobiology of rewards and values in social decision making, Nature Reviews Neuroscience, AOP doi:10.1038/nrn3776 (with C.C. Ruff)
Science 344(6186), 862-867, 2014 (with J. Haushofer)
Changing Social Norm Compliance with Noninvasive Brain Stimulation

Science 342, 482-484, 2013 (with C.C. Ruff and G. Ugazio)

AER cover
The Lure of Authority: Motivation and Incentive Effects of Power

American Economic Review 103(4), 2013, 1325-1359 (with H. Herz and T. Willkening)