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Asymmetric Information and Imperfect Competition in Lending Markets

Crawford, Greg; Pavanini, Nicola & Schivardi, Fabiano. (forthcoming). American Economic Review.

The Welfare Effects of Vertical Integration in Multichannel Television Markets

Crawford, Greg; Lee, Robin; Whinston, Michael &  Yurukoglu, Ali (forthcoming). Econometrica.

Really Uncertain Business Cycles

Bloom, Nicholas; Floetotto, Max; Jaimovich, Nir; Saporta-Eksten, Itay &  Terry, Stephen J.  (forthcoming). Econometrica.

Informational Requirements of Nudging

Benkert, Jean-Michel & Netzer, Nick (forthcoming). Journal of Political Economy.

Testing for Path Dependence in Clean versus Dirty Innovation: Evidence from the Automotive Industry

Aghion, Philippe; Dechezleprêtre, Antoine; Hémous, David; Martin, Ralf & Van Reenen, John (forthcoming). Journal of Political Economy.

Networks in Conflict: Theory and Evidence from the Great War of Africa.
Michael D. König,Dominic Rohner,Mathias Thoenig, Fabrizio Zilibotti (2017). Econometrica, 85(4): 1093-1132.

Lemon Technologies and Adoption: Measurement, Theory and Evidence from Agricultural Markets in Uganda

Tessa Bold, Kayuki Kaizzi and Jakob Svensson, David Yanagizawa-Drott (2017). Quarterly Journal of Economics, 132(3): 1055–1100.

International  Arbitrage  and  the  Extensive  Margin  of  Trade  between  Rich  and Poor  Countries

Reto Foellmi  and  Christian Hepenstrick, Josef Zweimüller (2017).  Review  of Economic  Studies. Vol. 85, Iss. 1: 475–510.

Bowling for Fascism: Social Capital and the Rise of the Nazi Party

Satyanath, Shanker; Voigtländer, Nico & Voth, Hans-Joachim (2017). Journal of Political Economy, 125(2): 478-526.

The Taxation of Superstars
Florian Scheuer & Ivan Werning (2017).  Quarterly Journal of Economics, 132(1): 211-270.

Leverage and Beliefs: Personal Experience and Risk-Taking in Margin Lending

Koudijs, Peter & Voth, Hans-Joachim (2016). American Economic Review, 106(11): 3367-3400.

"Agricultural Productivity and Structural Transformation: Evidence from Brazil"

Bustos, Paula; Caprettini, Bruno & Ponticelli, Jacopo (2016). American Economic Review, 106(6): 1320–1365.

"Inequality in Mortality Decreased Among the Young While Increasing for Older Adults, 1990-2010"

Currie, Janet & Schwandt, Hannes (2016). Science, 352, 708-712.

"The brain’s functional network architecture reveals human motives"

Hein, Grit; Morishima, Yosuke; Leiberg, Susanne; Sul, Sunhae & Fehr, Ernst (2016). Science, 351, 1074-1078.

"State Capacity and Military Conflict"

Gennaioli, Nicola & Voth, Hans-Joachim (2015). Review of Economic Studies, 83(2), 1-47.

"Do Markets Erode Social Responsibility?"

Bartling, Björn; Weber, Roberto & Yao, Lan (2015). Quarterly Journal of Economics, 130(1), 219-266.

"Evidence for Countercyclical Risk Aversion: An Experiment with Financial Professionals"

Cohn, Alain; Engelmann, Jan; Fehr, Ernst & Maréchal, Michel (2015). American Economic Review, 105(2), 860-885.

"State Capacity and Military Conflict"

Gennaioli, Nicola & Voth, Hans-Joachim (2015). Review of Economic Studies, 82 (4): 1409-1448.

Market Externalities of Large Unemployment Insurance Extension Programs

LaliveRafael; Landais, Camille & Zweimüller, Josef (2015). American Economic Review, 105(12), 3564-3596.

"Trade Adjustment: Worker Level Evidence"

Autor, David H.; Dorn, David; Hanson, Gordon H. & Song, Jae (2014). Quarterly Journal of Economics, 129, 1799-1860.

"The Intrinsic Value of Decision Rights"

Bartling, Björn; Fehr, Ernst & Herz, Holger (2014). Econometrica, 82(6), 2005-2039.

"Business Culture and Dishonesty in the Banking Industry"

Cohn, Alain; Fehr, Ernst & Maréchal, Michel (2014). Nature, 516, 86-89.

"A practical two-step method for testing moment inequalities"

Romano, Joseph P.; Shaikh, Azeem M. & Wolf, Michael (2014). Econometrica, 82, 1979- 2002