Shuo Liu

Research papers

On Linear Transformations of Intersections, 

with A. Kushnir, revised September 2017.

Monotone Equilibria in Signalling Games, 

with H. D. Pei, revised December 2017.

Delegating Performance Evaluation, 

with I. Letina and N. Netzer, revised October 2017.

Targeted Information and Limited Attention, 

with A. Hefti, revised April 2017, R&R at the RAND Journal of Economics

On the Equivalence of Bayesian and Dominant Strategy Implementation for Environments with Non-Linear Utilities, 

with A. Kushnir, revised June 2017, R&R at the Economic Theory.

Voting with Public Information, 

revised June 2017, R&R at the Games and Economic Behavior.

Research notes

A Note on Lavi, Mu'alem and Nisan (2009), 

with A. Kushnir, April 2014.