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Promotion Prof. Dr. Todd Hare


2017-02-01: Prof. Dr. Todd Hare, born 1980, has been appointed Associate Professor for Neuroeconomics and Human Development. Prof. Hare studied Biology at Iowa State University, USA. In 2007, he received his PhD in Neuroscience at the Weill Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at Cornell University, USA. He spent the following years as a Postdoctorate Research Fellow at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena and joined the Department of Economics in 2010 as Assistant Professor for Neuroeconomics.


New collaboration between Unicef and the Department of Economics fosters research for children


2017-02-01: A new center at the Department of Economics called the “Center for Child Well-Being and Development” evaluates programs to improve future policies for children’s well-being. Thanks to the funding by Unicef as well as the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, progress can be made on child well-being across the world.

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Limits of Globalization

ddorn eco

2017-01-16: In view of the WEF 2017, SRF Eco discusses globalization, it's limits, losers and future. In an interview David Dorn explains how globalization also shapes the political landscape.


Non-invasive biomarker for self-control


2017-01-11: In the current edition of the Journal of Neuroscience Silvia Maier and Todd Hare show that higher heart-rate variability (HRV) is associated with increased resistance to temptation in dietary self-control challenges. HRV may serve as an easily acquired, noninvasive, and low-cost biomarker for self-control ability.
Article in Neuroscience

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Hazardous 9/11 Dust Made Newborn Babies Smaller


2017-01-04: The «National Geographic» refers to a new study by Hannes Schwandt and Janet Currie, on the impact of the dust clouds from the collapse of the twin towers on the birth weight outcomes for Lower Manhattan mothers.

Research Paper (Journal of Human Resources)



Excellence in Refereeing Award for Profs Maréchal and Yanagizawa-Drott


2017-01-03: Michel Maréchal and David Yanagizawa-Drott received the “Excellence in Refereeing Award” from the European Economic Association. The Award recognizes the outstanding work of those referees whose service and dedication have contributed to the high quality and prestige of the Journal of the European Economic Association. Congratulations!


The Writing That Shaped Economic Thinking in 2016


2017-01-01: In his comment on Bloomberg View, Noah Smith lists the 10 most influential and accessible papers of 2016. In third place, the paper by David Dorn et al.: The China Shock: Learning from Labor-Market Adjustment to Large Changes in Trade.